Jodhpur is a great destination in Rajasthan to taste the traditional Marwari cuisine in it’s original form. There are a number of old and famous eating joints which have been serving great food for many generations. Like most Rajasthani regions, cuisine of Jodhpur is equally famous for it’s spicy as well as sweet dishes. Most people in Jodhpur will eat something sweet first then move on to main course. Due to this love for sweets, the traditional hospitality of Jodhpur is called Meethi Manuhar, Some of the more popular Jodhpuri dishes are Pyaaz (onion) Kachauri, Mawa Kachauri, Mirchi Vada, Panchkuta and Makhaniya Lassi. Sweet part is represented by Maakhan Vade, Mava kachauri and Besan chikki.

We offer the most memorable and fun tours of Jodhpur which contain the best of food and sights of this beautiful city. Each tour is meant to present the Jodhpur in best possible way and offers some hidden corners of Jodhpur and delicious food which most tourists usually miss. Each food tour in Jodhpur covers one to two meals of the day including snacks and a tour of some great attractions of the city. These tours combine the best of a food walk as well as sightseeing in one attractive package.


1) Transport in air-conditioned vehicle including pickup and drop from hotel.
2) Unlimited food and drinks from best and oldest food joints of Jodhpur.
3) Sightseeing of a few monuments and beautiful attractions included.
4) High focus on safety of food.
5) Customisable according to preferences of the guests and private tours possible on request.

The tours can be started as per preferences of the guests, but the normal schedule of food tours are:

Morning – 7:30 am Evening – : 4:00 pm
Morning – 8:30 am Evening – : 1:00pm

Price for each tour starts from INR 5500 (US $ 91) to INR 6000 (US $ 100) per participant and minimum group size is 4 or more.

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